Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fruits of my Labors

So.. this post could go a myriad of ways. I could talk about the upcoming peaches and blackberries that have been percolating away down in my beloved Elk Ridge/Payson/WestMountain orchards and farms.  My two favorite fruits are bursting on the scene and I have big plans for both of them.  Of course they won't be the carmelized peaches with dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream or the blackberry pies of my prior life.  But there will be healthy dishes incorporating both fruits.

Or I could talk about my labors with the births of each of my children... but that wouldn't be fun for anybody to listen to... nor for me to me to relive. So let's just leave that right where it belongs... in my memory-challenged aging mind.

Nope... what I'm referring to is my productive appointment today with my new doctor. (Shout out to Dr. Elizabeth Huff!)  I like her style and straightforward talk.  I like that she actually listens to my questions rather than cut me off with standard "I'm in a hurry, let's get finished" answers.

I had my vitals taken today.  My weight loss was verified on her scale. (Isn't it nice when two different scales say the same thing?) Woo hoo!  It was also very encouraging to see my blood pressure has dropped in the past 8 weeks. Can I get a "woo hoo" again?

Yep! Healthy living. Who knew it would be so much fun?

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  1. Way to to Karla!! I have loved seeing my blood pressure drop and stay down since beginning the challenge. That alone has been worth the effort!